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Planning and Construction

For more than two decades BetaTech GmbH has been a competent service provider for industrial and public customers. We develop customer-specific solutions and precisely tailor them to the company’s requirements and the users’ needs.

In doing so, we accompany you from the idea to the implementation of your building project. Our team assumes the constructional inspection, prepares design and implementation plans as well as static calculations and provides the documentation.

Constructional Inspection
  • Inspection of the building projects with the customer
  • Recording of all necessary construction measures
  • Recording of defects
Design and Implementation Planning
  • Preparation of design plans after constructional inspection
  • Submission and discussion of design plans with customer
  • Preparation of implementation plans after acceptance of design plans
  • Preparation of static calculations and drawings for steel construction and other constructional measures
  • Preparation of the final documentation (drawings, photos, lists etc.) after the final completion of a building project
  • Archiving the documentation
  • Submission of documentation to the customer

Project Management

We assume the entire project management from project supervision and construction management up to the provision of Qualified Electricians or Coordinators for Safety and Health Matters. In doing so, we form the central interface to the customer and the documentation.

Project Management
  • Coordination of major projects on behalf of the customer
  • Central interface to the customer
  • Coordination with the customer
  • Management of all tasks concerning subcontractors and suppliers
Construction Management
  • Internal management of individual construction projects
  • Coordination of technicians and mechanics
  • Disposition of required components and material
  • Interface to the documentation
Qualified Electrician
  • Technical and supervisory responsibility of electrical specialists
  • Selection and appointment of suitable personnel
  • Preparation of risk assessments
  • Monitoring and initiation of maintenance and inspection tasks
  • Provision and maintenance of electro-technical regulations
  • Organisation of instructions and further education
Coordinator of Safety and Health Matters
  • Planning the execution of construction projects
  • Development of safety and health protection measures during the planning of a construction site
  • Adjustment of the safety and health protection measures during the execution of a construction project, if necessary
  • Advising, informing and monitoring

Setup, Integration and Commissioning

We offer you the flexibility and technical quality of a medium-sized company as well as the professionalism of a technology group.

With this approach, we provide network operators and service providers with comprehensive turnkey solutions for the installation of radio or network systems.

Radio Technology

Within the context of radio technology, our specialized and well trained personnel carry out the construction, integration and commissioning of various technologies (LTE, UMTS, GSM) and components of system suppliers. In detail, this includes:

  • Construction of new mobile radio sites
  • SWAP – technology exchange at locations
  • Extensions at mobile radio locations
  • Mounting of antennas and RF cables
  • Infrastructure expansions and measures
  • Preparation of in-house supplies
  • Construction and conversion of object radio equipment
Network Technology

In the field of network technology, we carry out the construction, integration and commissioning of local networks and the corresponding infrastructure in buildings, event halls and real estate. In detail, this includes:

  • Distribution cabinets
  • Fibre optic cabling and technology
  • Copper cabling (e. g. CAT 7) and distribution boards
  • Cable trays and platforms

System Support

We view ourselves as a full-service provider. Even after completion, we offer you comprehensive support for your systems tailored to your needs. This ranges from the maintenance and repair of individual systems for smooth operation to the dismantling and disposal of obsolete, no longer supplyable systems. Furthermore, we have extensive storage capacities to ensure sufficient stocking of the most important components and materials.

Maintenance & Repair

Within the field of Maintenance & Repair field, we assume the maintenance of radio sites and infrastructure. In doing so, we provide our customers with

  • On-call duty 24/7
  • Service-Hotline 24/7.
Disassembly & Disposal

In the field of mobile radio we offer the dismantling and disposal of obsolete or unusable systems in addition to installation, integration and commissioning. Our services include:

  • Professional disassembly of technology and cables
  • Deconstruction of the infrastructure
  • Return of technology to the customer
  • Disposal of technical equipment, cables and other materials
Rope Technology

Some of our technicians have been trained and certified in “FISAT Rope Access and Positioning Technology”.

This enables us to work quickly and flexibly on the masts at exposed locations without having to use a crane or similar equipment.

Storage & Logistics

Our spacious facilities at our headquarters are partly customized and offer us sufficient space to ensure adequate stocking of the most important components and materials.

This enables us to carry out the configuration of the system technology for our customers at our company headquarters.